Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Officially Waiting/Showered

This update is officially overdue, but there was holiday fun to be had, and it was good to the last drop. Since we last left our paperwork . . .

  • the agency reviewed our dossier and declared us able to follow instructions (everything was done right)
  • two papers traveled to Washington, DC, for federal authentication, and back
  • our dossier left Portland on December 19 and arrived in Ethiopia on the 22nd!

That means that as of the 22nd we are officially waiting (yaaaay!). Unfortunately, we will probably be waiting for 4 or 5 months (booooo!). I hope it’s not longer, but it could be. When we turned in our papers I actually felt a day of a post-dossier letdown: grumpy that the wait times have increased so much and knowing we can’t do anything about anything from here on. But we have so much to do before our baby comes and we live a pretty busy life anyway that I hope the time will pass quickly. Yeah . . . check back with me on that one in May. You just might want to make sure I’m unarmed first.

The preparations have begun, though, in small ways. Since my mom is already about ready to explode with grandmotherliness, she and Beka arranged a baby shower for us while we were visiting in Michigan. I thought people might not be able to make it at Christmastime or find it weird with no “due date” in sight, but it was a packed house! Truly the best gift was having all those friends and family there. But we also received wise and hilarious parenting advice, cute and useful baby gear (small items we could bring home, and my brother and sister-in-law had a baby swing shipped), and gift cards to buy baby stuff at Target. (Mmm, I love Target—Mom and I also had a good time zapping baby gear with the registry gun.) Thank you, friends!

Just because we’re done with paperwork doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing, so check back soon for blogs on our Ethiopian food experience, hints on name choices, musings on motherhood, and more.


RMMcDowell said...
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RMMcDowell said...

Bah. Why do I do such weird things with my hands in photos? Ugh.

I should post a link to SCC's song here . . . your other adopting friends will love it too. Again, the Kleenex. Seriously. Okay, I can't find it. But here is a link to "All I Really Want." (http://www.stevencurtischapman.com/?page=/news/?id=367158) It's pretty amazing too. Have you checked out SCC's Shaohannah's Hope stuff? Okay, now I'm crying again. I love you.

RMMcDowell said...

Sorry. It's easier to just go here for "All I Really Want." http://www.cmt.com/artists/az/chapman_steven_curtis/artist.jhtml

Pretend I didn't just mess up all of your comment section. :)

RMMcDowell said...


RMMcDowell said...

AAHHH!!! None of it fits. Now I really AM an idiot! Okay. Go to www.cmt.com. Then go to artists and check out Steven Curtis Chapman. You can find the video link that way. If I ever find a link to "When Love Lets You In" online, then I'll try to pass it along in a much cooler fashion. Now I'm done. The baby is crying. Watch me be a good mommie. (We're getting our first molar, so mommying and daughtering is a bit tough . . .)