Friday, February 16, 2007


We have been officially waiting for 8 weeks (not that I'm counting...). So we are halfway to the average waiting time of 16 weeks. That doesn't mean we'll get our referral then, necessarily, but it's the point at which I'll allow myself to expect it and start getting jumpy when the phone rings.

The last couple weeks have been pretty easy, but I'm still glad for the distraction of our special guests, all the way from Michigan, Justin and Toshia! This week went fast since to make room for them I had to remove the piles of junk which have been covering my office since before Christmas. (Hey, this room is much bigger now!) They arrive today and before we know it we'll be at 9 weeks down.

Are you enjoying my viewer map on the right side of the blog as much as I am? (Alas, no more Singapore hits since my brother is on his way home.) Identify yourselves, blog stalkers! You don't have to have a Blogger blog or Google account to leave a comment, so please say hi and share your thoughts or blog topic requests.


Anonymous said...

Now that you've called me out I have to say something. I'm the Allendale, MI person (good ol' GVSU). I'm getting so excited for you guys. I am going to be jumping up and down when you get your call :)
- Katie Vos

wmw said...

Hi Katie! Thanks!

Gretchen said...

hey wendy! i have an old cell phone (working) but i'm not sure how much it is to send! thoughts?

Jen and Lionel said...

Congrats on the half-way point! Here's to an early referral :) We'll be following your journey.