Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy New Millennium!

Welcome to the new millennium--in Ethiopia! According to the unique Ethiopian calendar, yesterday was the last day of 1999. They partied accordingly, with decorations and concerts and a marathon run taking place over the next few weeks. You can read some articles and see photos at Google News. Preparations were evident when we were in Addis: billboards, flags, souvenirs, runners training in Meskel square. Here we are standing in front of it.

Here it is at party time. Looks like fun, but I can't imagine being there with all those people. I think the Addis traffic was crazy enough on a normal day, thank you.

Anna has been napping well again, thanks to an improved earlier and more consistent schedule. Now all we have to do is stop staying up late after she's in bed catching up on episodes of Heroes, our new addiction. I thought it would be good; I didn't know it would be so scary sometimes. You just can't stop at one episode with Peter Petrelli left in that position, that's all I'm saying.

We went to the school volleyball games last night and Anna apparently prefers girls' sports. After she warmed up to the echoey gym noises, she was having a good ol' time hanging out on my lap and sucking on things. She's definitely teething, but the crankiness has been manageable so far.

Coming soon: photos from a visit from an old friend and big news from relatives!


~Hippie~ said...

Cool pics!
Interesting that they're only just now in 2000.
Man, we're YEARS ahead of them.
No novel-length post this time.
Tell Aaron that I'll see him later tonight and tomorrow for Small Group as well.

Gretchen Driesenga said...


I just realized that your ticker needs to be updated! Now you have Anna and are waiting no more! :)

ebetharoo said...

Hi Wendy,

I replied to your post on the NMF list prior to Aaron's surgery. My husband Mike is awaiting aortic arch repair surgery scheduled for 7 am Monday. I just wanted to say hello, I love your blog (I was adopted myself) and to ask you to add Mike to your prayers this week. Anna's a doll! You did it right. ;)

Warm Regards,
Beth C.
in Boston

wmw said...

Hippie: I love that you reply. And with such insightful novels too. Hippie is still in high school, everyone, yet he's smarter than most of us. Dang.

GZ(D): I know, I know, you're right, the ticker lies--among other problems with this blog I should work on...

Beth: Thanks for the note--will pray for Mike. Let me/us all know how it goes.