Friday, March 27, 2009

This Life Is Kicking My Life's Butt

Once upon a time I was going to write a post about how hard it is for me to catch up and keep up on things right now. That was yesterday. And Monday. And last week. And three weeks ago.

Ha ha ha ha ha, said my life.

I love all (well, almost all) the parts of my life, I really do. I love face wiping and hair doing and story reading. I love dodgeball and rides home and spirited discussions with teenagers. I love reading and re-reading and feeling like a manuscript is better now than when it came to me. I love helping our church move forward, helping my husband fulfill his call, and helping pay the bills.

But sometimes I don't love how all those parts all pile together, all the time.

I hate that my blog is all pictures and no words because I have so many words that it would take days to get them out and no days during which to do so. I hate that when I get behind on things, it takes weeks to feel caught up, if I ever do. I hate that I should be working on being proactive on many things but I'm just keeping up with the here and now.

This life, this schedule, is kind of kicking my butt right now. It's kicking the butt of the life it's supposed to add up to, because it's just a bit too much of a good thing sometimes. And I hate to say that, because there may be no more spoiled rotten kind of complaint in the world than "I have too much of a good thing." But it can feel that way sometimes--like I want all these things in my life, but I can't quite handle them all at once, all the time.

In theory and on paper it's all quite manageable. Sometimes I think about other people with more kids and Real Jobs and Big Important Things to do and I actually feel like quite the royal slacker. Then of course that theory of relativity goes out the window when something comes along to throw off schedules and we all get tired and someone skips her nap and I think Child, if you don't stop shrieking and get off that floor, I'm gonna throw YOU out the window!

(Dear social workers: I would never really throw my child out the window. There's a screen.)

All this to say . . . I'm really glad it's spring break right now. We've had a little bit of a break from the activities. But it is a big, busy weekend for our church search committee (please pray!), and Monday I realized it is going to be miraculous if I can get all the work I need to done before I go to Denver next week--and I need to, because I really need for that to be a vacation.

Our friend and Aaron's old boss would often say that youth ministry is not rocket science. But it's hard. That's how I often feel about what I do: parenting is not rocket science, but it's hard. It's hard because it's constant. It's not hard to understand; it's hard to do, hard to keep up with.

That's how all of life is sometimes. With all these things in my life that I love doing but sometimes still don't want to do, it's not the thing itself that sometimes seems like too much; it's the getting started and the keeping going. It's not the doing, it's the discipline--the doing it even when you don't want to part. That's true of everything worth doing: parenting, marriage, creating, working, being healthy, mentoring, praying, listening. Getting started or pushing through the mundane or difficult parts can be hard, but once you break through, there's a zone of deep reward, satisfaction, and joy.

So I'm digging deep for a little more gumption for the next six days: enough to work hard so I can enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done; to be present in the lives of the teenagers who come to our event and ride in my car; to listen to Spirit guidance above my own desires and fears; to be attentive and loving to my husband and daughter so we are family, not just people living in a house; to not just do but live this life.

And waiting on the other side of this week: Rocky Mountain High. I can't wait.

How do you dig deep and keep going when the constancy of life catches up to you?

P.S.: Sorry this is so long. Finding enough time to edit it would take me another three weeks!


Ren said...

"How do you dig deep and keep going when the constancy of life catches up to you?"

When you get someone smarter than the both of us to answer this question, please let me know. Seriously.

Now, I'm off to take a nap (and yes, I'm being serious again) before I implode from the stress of it all.....good luck, Wendy! :)

Anonymous said...

"I want all these things in my life, but I can't quite handle them all at once, all the time."

AMEN, sister! I am with you. And looking forward to reading all the genius comments that I'm sure are to follow. Because I got nothin'.

Anonymous said...

Alas, it's don't sweat the small stuff, let the worries of the day be sufficient for the day,let go let God, footsteps and all those good words we already know but cannot always do... and take a little vacation, even if it means just going on a hike for a half hour. Even Jesus went off for quiet, solitude and new vistas. You Can Do It!! May God Bless and Keep You and Help You Fly Thru THINGS these next few days!! love you, mom

Amy said...

It's the promise of what's on the other side - for you, Rocky Mt. High! Me, DisneyWorld. :) And I make sure to have reflective talk with Doug, and go in and sit next to my boys while they sleep for a few minutes.

I also think of the ol' rock/pebbles/sand analogy. Rocks - big priorities - come first, then pebbles, then sand, to fill up my jar. And usually, if I just get the rocks taken care of, I find God makes room for all the pebbles and sand.

If that makes any sense at all. :)