Monday, May 04, 2009

SOLD! One Thunderdome

We have officially accepted an offer on the dwelling known as the Thunderdome.*

Can I get a yeeeeeeeeehaw!?

The offer came in Friday, and we signed it this morning with our agent. The price is a little lower than we were asking but right where we expected to end up.

But the most Providential? Instead of closing in the typical 30 days, thus causing us to be kicked out before we're ready to go to Michigan and have to effectively move twice, their offer was to close in 60 days. Right around July 5. We wanted to pack up and leave town around July 8. So we made an addendum with the slight adjustment of closing and being out of the house July 8. Perfect! (Or if for some reason they balk at that, close enough.)

Of course we have to pass inspection first. That should happen within a week or two.

Then it's time to start packing and sorting for a garage sale. Lots to do, but just knowing the house is taken care of is such a huge relief!

* Thunderdome explanatory note: I accidentally nicknamed our house this at Young Life camp. We were doing an activity one night that was being code/nicknamed “the Thunderdome” so the kids wouldn't find out about it. During cabin time one of the girls says, “I saw in your notebook something about the Thunderdome.” I immediately said, “That’s what we call our garage. Now as I was saying..."

I didn’t think before I said this (obviously), but I did have a reason: comedian Brian Regan does this bit about how ridiculous it is that people name their houses and why not your apartment or, heck, everything in it? (“Hand me the can opener.” “You mean . . . Umberto?”) Anyway, it got around that our house was the Thunderdome. After all, it is kind of dome-like inside with the crazy curved ceiling—and spaceship-like on the outside. It truly deserves a name.


Katie R said...

Congratulations!!! I can't imagine how good that feels.
It seems strange that in a few short months you'll be back here. I think I finally need to meet that girl of yours before she grows up too much
You'll be in Holland, I'm in Grandville (and hope to buy a house soon) so you wont be too far

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see you in Michigan. Love, Barb

Anonymous said...

YEEEEEEHAW!!! If you listen out your east window, you can hear me!!
We're told to trust & He provides & sure enuf!!
love you forever, mom

paige said...


SOOOOOOOO happy for you!!! If you really need to be out by the 5th, I know a swanky little midwestern burg where the people are mighty friendly and inclined to host visitors.


Marc and Gretchen said...

CONGRATS WENDY!!!!!! That is incredible! I am so happy for you guys & praising God for this offer!

Anonymous said...

HOORAY! I am so excited for you guys and can't wait for you to move back to this side of the country!

Anonymous said...

Aaron and Wendy, I have been praying for the house to sell. How awesome is God to sell yours so fast and with a 60 day closing!!!
Vonnie Lamb

Amy said...

You get a yeehaw and a whoopee! Congrats.

Shalala said...

Thats good news. Has Mrs. Koch sold her house yet??? I know this is exciting news but I feel somewhat...sad. It's because you are moving a full month and a half before me. What will I do with all that time without you...besides cry my eyes out. Love you Lots.