Monday, June 29, 2009

My Blog Is Moving Too

Because I just can't get enough of moving, I'm moving my blog too. "Born at the Right Time" no longer quite captures where I want my blog to go and where my focus is now that our adoption process is done but the story of our family goes on. So please join me over at:

Please update your bookmarks and RSS readers, and feel free to put me on your blogroll or share the link with others. And I'd love for you to comment over there so I know you found me.

One note: You'll notice over there that just for the sake of privacy/safety, I'll be a bit more vague about some things. In particular, I'm not sharing as many details of Anna's life—and I'll be referring to her as AJ or the Joygirl, so please try to use those nicknames. And I won't be linking from that blog back to this one, although I will leave this one active for some time to make sure all my readers find my new place.

Thank you for following this blog over the last three years, whether the news and posts were interesting or I was in a slump. I hope we can have even greater conversations over at Living the Epilogue.



paige said...

Noted, and bookmarked!

It will be sad to move you to the middle of my blogroll though!

Did you know we'll only be living about 3 hours apart? This is your official invitation to Enkutatash here on September 19th (plenty of guest space). Other get-togethers are also hoped for!

Adoption Mission: Possible said...

Hi! I'm a stranger to you, but just found your blog. I also live on the OR coast and noticed you used Dove for your adoption. We are interested in them as well and was wondering how your process went, if you liked the agency, and if you would use them again. If it's not too much trouble, you can email me at