Monday, August 07, 2006

For this I scrubbed cupboards?

It's over. We did it. Our home has been studied.

The interview was not at all grueling or probing. No white gloves used or petri dish germ samples taken. I think the only easier test we've faced was our "interview" when we first visited Waldport! Social Worker Sandy is very down-to-earth and unintimidating. She said we did such a good job on our essay homework that we'd already covered most of the areas she would have asked us about. She still needs a few things like our criminal checks back before her report can be completed, but barring something unforseen like discovering our identities have been stolen by one of America's Most Wanted, we seem to have passed the test!

Next we'll start the online adoption education program we have to complete and work on gathering dossier paperwork as soon as we get the agency's packet. Meanwhile, back to working and basking in the (fleeting) glory of my oh-so-spotless house!


Enor said...

...and we need one of those pesky reference letters to show up... ;-)

Amy said...

I am so excited you have started things rolling! It's like reliving our own adoption again. Congrats!

RMMcDowell said...

NOT OUR LETTER!!! Beau still thinks I should have used his draft:

Dear People,

Aaron and Wendy won't kill the baby.


Seroiously though . . . thanks for asking us to be part of it.