Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ethiopia Everywhere

Everywhere we go, people tell us stories about Ethiopia--so it seems at times, anyway. Last summer the weekend after we returned from Michigan, our guest pastor from Presbyterian missions told us stories about Ethiopia (and other places) and blessed us in Amharic. (Did you know there are more Presbyterians in Ethiopia than in the U.S.?) That cinched our decision to adopt from Ethiopia.

Two weekends ago the main speaker at our Young Life leadership weekend was director over many of the international YL groups. First picture he threw up on the screen was of an Ethiopian Young Life Club. We are going to see if we can perhaps visit them while in Addis. And I really want one of their t-shirts. Some info on YL Ethiopia and photos can be found here.

Here is an interesting article on household characteristics in Ethiopia. Some stats from the survey:
  • Only 8 percent of households reported having drinking water on their premises.
  • 14 percent of households have electricity, but this varies widely by place of residence. Only 2 percent of households in rural areas have access to electricity, compared with 86 percent of urban households.
  • Slightly over three-fourths of households have no bedrooms or have only one room for sleeping.
Now we're headed to Portland to see the Feds--they want our fingerprints. Nothing like 6 hours of driving for what I can only assume is a 15-minute process.


Gretchen Driesenga said...

interesting article. Now i know a littl more than i did. all i really did know about ethiopia is that i love the food. :) injera is good stuff.

Gretchen Driesenga said...


here's a recipe for injera. i'm going to try and make some! :)

wmw said...

Good luck and let me know how you do! Posts like this have scared me off so far: http://ethiopia.adoptionblogs.com/weblogs/the-ridiculous-difficulty-of-injera. But I have confidence in you! Where will you get teff flour? You could ask at that restaurant if you can't find what you need.

I read somewhere that one batch of starter can last literally forever, and the longer the better! Also perhaps you could get the restaurant people to give you some of theirs...