Monday, March 12, 2007

An Appeal for Appeals Prayer

Please don’t take this as whining—I know we are extraordinarily blessed, and I know American Christians don't like to talk about money, although perhaps the world would be better off if we did—but we have a money/insurance-related issue for which I would like to ask for prayer. Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will have a conference call with an appeals panel from our health insurance company. Aaron had his eye surgery with a doctor in their “extended network” rather than his regular “preferred provided” doctor since (1) preferred provider doctor sent us to extended doctor and (2) extended doctor actually knew what to do with a Marfan’s patient and specialized in high-risk surgeries. The insurance company gives less coverage for extended doctors; this is my second level appeal for an exception.

Basically we are talking about the difference between us paying a depressing amount versus us paying an exorbitantly outrageously painful amount. The frustrating thing is how much we’ll have to pay even in the best case scenario. It’s discouraging watching our adoption funds disappear into a cloud of “coinsurance” (I mean the funds that we had before, not what we’ve raised since starting, which is set aside separately). And it makes me wonder how much we’ll end up paying for the extra checkups and labs our baby is sure to need when he/she gets home. But one thing at a time.

Please pray that I have clarity as I prepare to present our “case,” clear and convincing words, control over my emotions (unless they’re needed...), and peace. Having someone on the panel who has experienced needing specialists for a special condition wouldn’t hurt either. Thanks.

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