Monday, May 14, 2007

Sale Report; Court Date

The Great Garage Sale weekend was . . . appropriately great. We did pretty well--lots of people, steady sales, $750 in the bank, and only an entire trailer load left over for the thrift store. Thank you to all those who helped work and make it fun! This sale's Workhorse/Selfless Servant Award goes to Margaret Ann, the only person who at age, uh, a lot more than me will outwork you for three days straight and then call you to thank you for letting her do it!

We have a court date set for May 31. This takes place in Ethiopia without us. I am going to be getting nervous because delays do occasionally happen. If our court is unsuccessful or postponed, besides the general suckiness of waiting longer, there is no way Aaron will go to Young Life camp. But God knows how much the kids and new leaders need him there and has taken care of everything this far. Pray that he ensures success for court and comforts us in our anxiety about it.

After court our embassy date will be scheduled for about a month later. That is the date we plan our travel around. The earliest would be the very end of June . . . so it's possible we'll try to pull off some crazy scheme of going to Michigan for Justin and Toshia's wedding and going from there to Ethiopia. Maybe we will meet our baby on our tenth wedding anniversary! However, that would mean leaving here in one month. Aack! That is exciting yet terrifying because we have so much to do beforehand and because we can't really plan our travel until after court. So I can't plan travel until after court but I want to start traveling just two weeks after court?!? I am going to start calling the expert travel agents and see who has an impressive solution to that little dilemma.

That is just some of what's going on. Please pray for us . . . this is a very stressful time. More information soon.


Jodi said...

Congratulations on a court date! You snuck in right before they closed, huh? That is awesome!

Have you looked into adoption fares? If not, here is what I did: find all of the airlines who fly to Ethiopia, go to their web sights, and do a sight search for "Adoption." Many of them have great special things for adoption travel. Some of them may be able to give you more flexible travel arrangements! Here is an example.
Copy and paste:

Katy said...

Wow! Everything is just moving right along- how wonderful! For travel stuff....I've heard that Susan PArr is great for Ethiopian adoption stuff
I'll be praying for a smooth court date and soon embassy one!

Robyn said...
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