Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Baptism in Pictures

For those of you craving more detail (for some strange reason), here are more pictures from Anna's baptism day, with helpful captions and witty commentary.

First, Pastor J says some stuff. We taught Anna to look interested.

Next, we hand her off so he can show his skills
at juggling a baby and a small pitcher of water while praying.
He holds a doctorate in this.

Water is applied to baby's forehead in thoughtfully small amounts,
despite to a certain reverend's reputation to the contrary.
Baby's father shows signs of needing to go get a glass of water himself.(When said father starts to cry during a movie, he suddenly thirsts and goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water as a coverup. However, since he once revealed this to the whole church in a sermon, now everyone knows what a big crybaby he is, especially when adoption-pregnant. I mean, come on--A Night at the Museum? That's not a tearjerker.)

Pastor says, "Ta-daaaaa!"
Or is it "Whaaaat? Did you think I was going to dump this whole thing on her?"
(Um, why do you think there are twelve towels on hand?)

We hold up all of coffee mingle to pose for the paparazzi parishioners.
In case you didn't know, "coffee mingle" is not half regular, half decaf.
It is Presbyterian for "fellowshiping," which passes as a word only
in the Baptist dialect, roughly translated "hanging out over food."

It was a lovely cake. Even butterflies were drawn to it.

On your baptism day you are allowed to stick your fist into your cake.
You don't want to know what I'm doing in the above picture.
I edited it out to spare my mother. But I bet some of you could guess.

Mmm, mmm, sacramentally good!


~Hippie~ said...

Now I really want to see that whole picture... I can't remember what you were doing, but I'm sure it wasn't worth editing out ya pansie...

Josh ~Hippie~

Chuck and Jenny said...

Wendy, I've loved following the baptism story. We had Joshua dedicated at church on his 6 mo. birthday in September. Thankfully, our church has coffee time beforehand, so we didn't hold anything up! Great pictures! Baby + icing = sugar high! I think it's great that Aaron got a little teary-eyed! I thought I would, up there in front of everybody, but I didn't at church - just at home all day!

RMMcDowell said...

Lovely. Truly lovely. We made the vow, too, okay? Even though we couldn't be there. We'll help ya keep her in line!! (Crybaby, Aaron and Beau. At least they have company.)

Enor said...

Night at the Museum was a rough one.

~Hippie~ said...

so... guess what?
There was no credit to either Brian or I for the pictures taken.
That's not even cool.
You should make a completely separate blog about how much you appreciate us.
or just a simple thanks will do.