Monday, October 15, 2007

Favorites at 9 Months

Here's an update on what Anna is up to and into now that she's over the 9 month mark.

Size: She has grown so much! She's almost 18 pounds and 27 inches. She's out of some of her cute small clothes and into her cute bigger clothes (no fashion shortage here) and #3 diapers.

Words: Ear-piercing happy screams, vowels, and dadadadadadadada (may or may not be directed at Dad, dog, chair, wall, etc.)

Transportation: Rolling, rotating, scooting on her stomach - now getting up on her knees and rocking - look out!

Foods: Formula, cereal with veggies or fruit, paper

Favorite toys: Paper, books, stuffed cow, Daddy, the dog's bone, whatever she's not supposed to have

Favorite hobbies/games: Dancing, shrieking, giggling, eating, bouncing on the big bed, clapping, chasing doggie, human lint brush

Favorite books: The Very Hungry Caterpilar, Time for Bed (to read); the phone book (to eat)

Favorite music: Hey Ya (acoustic mommy version); You and Me by Lifehouse; Eternal Flame by The Bangles. Likes oldies, '80s, church music, and anything with a good beat you can dance to. Undecided on NPR and The Killers (she's got soul, but she's not a soldier).

Ahh, kids today - growin' up so fast!


Anila said...

This posting is worthless without a picture ;-)
So nice to read that she is doing so fine and enjoying life in the fast lane!

~Hippie~ said...

Absolutely amazing.
Phonebook (to eat.)
haha... me to.
I'm serious.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we need photos!!! Great-gramma Hazel's favorite is the sweet potato pic! great-aunt nan

RMMcDowell said...

What's with these kids and stuffed cows? Sheesh. It's Elmo for the new generation!

Laura said...

Can't wait to meet her- looking forward to Christmas!