Friday, December 14, 2007

Burning Questions (and Budgets)

There are things the Internets know and things the Internets want to know.

The Internets including my friends, my in-laws, project managers, authors, students, and others who might have wanted to come over to my house but will now decline, know all about my stinky pets and other noncleanliness issues. Nice. Ray of hope: all my Christmas dreams are coming true thanks to the good folks at (that's why they call it) Woot!

Meanwhile, the Internets demand to know why I carved a pumpkin in December. Technically I didn't carve it, just did a Sylar on it (now there's an image). I should have gone ahead and carved a Christmas tree into it and taken a photo for you all. But why? Isn't this obvious? For the seeds! Glorious, glorious roasted pumpkin seeds. It's sad that I couldn't find time to extract them in October but even more tragic that when I finally did, I burned them. D'oh!

Speaking of Christmas dreams, Aaron's was a nightmare, because yesterday his PalmPilot went on the fritz. Which is to say his life went on the fritz, because a PalmPilot is the best geeky-man's ADD drug in existence. Not something I could expect him to live without, and so it is that our Christmas money is spent before we even get it. Fa la la la la, story of our lives.

I got all my rush projects done yesterday. I ordered some items which are ridiculously practical but I'm ridiculously excited about; we'll make them Anna's Christmas presents (hopefully they'll come in a nice box she'll like). I got photo Christmas cards ordered, although I'm not thrilled with them. We're just not that photogenic, save Anna, of course. I won't reveal that photo, but here's a couple from "Hanging of the Greens" night at church. It's one of our favorite times with our church family, and the church looks gorgeous this time of year. The bold little preacher tried out the pulpit. "Yo! Jesus is coming! A ba ba ba ba da da yah!"


Jenny said...

Woo-hoo Wendy! That's an awesome Woot Christmas present! BTW, if Aaron hasn't already bought a Palm Pilot...I have one sitting in my dresser that's about 2 yrs old. (I think it's a Trio?) The charger and case are long-lost, but if you are interested I'd gladly send it to you!

Guruzilla said...

"Which is to say his life went on the fritz, because a PalmPilot is the best geeky-man's ADD drug in existence."

Indeed! My condolences. Did she learn about pine needles there?

Stacie said...

Oh, I am jealous of the dyson! 3 dogs over here... very jealous.

~Hippie~ said...

Wow... some of those pictures look really good...
Hope the ones from tonight turned out well.
I know that at least a few are pretty good.
Anna is cute as always... darn her.
She's so lucky.