Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The correct answer to last blog's question was of course (d). My mom is missing the point, which is not that I was busy but that I carved a pumpkin after putting up a tree. Make cookies? Are you delusional?! I should mention that I also cleaned the roaster which was put into the cupboard not exactly fully scrubbed . . . after Thanksgiving.

One more day on deadline and I'll have a little breathing room. By breathing room I mean time to unearth my desk, balance accounts, order Christmas cards, figure out what gifts we're buying, start buying them, get a grip on our Michigan schedule, and pick up branches and shingles from the yard. Bonus activities would be cleaning any part of the house, looking at readoption papers (please tell me there's no tax advantage to finishing this in 2007, 'cuz it ain't happening), and oh, why not take up roofing to put on some shingles and plumbing to figure out why the sink is dripping?

At least I have a little elf to help me with it all!


RMMcDowell said...

If she's anything like Ellie, she's a great big help. Right.

paige said...

but WHY did you carve a pumpkin after putting up the tree. Really, I want to know!

Here's to helpful elves. Yours looks fetching in that red and white striped tog!

Kendra said...

The whole pumpkin thing demands an explanation.

However, your fans can wait until we see you IN PERSON! :)