Thursday, January 03, 2008

Home from the Holidays

We are back home after a wonderful but tiring trip. We had a lot of fun with family and friends, although I will say it probably would have been a bit more fun had I not gotten sick right before we left, stayed sick the entire time, and come home sick. I hope to somehow find the missing ingredient--rest--and kick this cold soon.

Travel to went askew for us as for so many others. We intended to take the red-eye and go through Minneapolis, but the flight out was delayed until 2:00 a.m. so we would have missed our connection, spent all day in the Minny airport, and arrived late at night. So we opted to spend a short night in Portland, leave early, go through Detroit, and arrive in the evening, only 12 hours after we'd intended. All things considered--long flight and napping on the floor of the airport--Anna did wonderfully. My brother and his wife barely beat us to the farm, arriving 24 hours after they'd intended. (All things considered, my mother did wonderfully.)

On the way home all NWA flights were running late, so they threw us on a different flight so we'd make our connection. That meant hasty good-byes and no time to eat, go to the bathroom, or get water and make up a bottle. Aaron was left alone in row 2 with Anna and the diaper bag while I bounced around the back of the plane hoping he'd get my psychic message There's a pacifier in the front of the diaper bag. He didn't, but they both made it without crying. The second leg we were reunited and she slept a good while.

We are enjoying the quiet, eating soup, emptying bags, opening mail, and getting back to work. Before long I hope to unfog my brain and get pictures loaded and tales told. I'm barely sure what day it is, but 2008 seems to have started without us. Happy new year.


RMMcDowell said...

I don't think that they ever catch on to the psychic messages . . .

It was SO lovely to have you for an evening . . . and to meet your beautiful young one and have ours inspire some steps!

~Hippie~ said...

Gah, I missed you guys soo much!!!
I can't wait for Frontline and stuff to start back up.
Hope you guys get better soon.