Monday, January 14, 2008

Politics (Addiction) As Usual

I am an on-and-off political junkie. I had been disconnected from the news and not thinking much about the presidential race, but I fell off the wagon (is it off the wagon or on the wagon?) the moment I saw the Internet headline “Obama Wins Iowa Caucus.” I immediately turned on CNN and experienced violent West Wing cravings.

My nerdiness waned but then peaked on New Hampshire primary day. I broke my own rules to keep the TV on with Anna wandering about able to watch (“Honey, too close. I know he’s pretty, but don’t kiss John Edwards.”).

First I heard Mitt Romney give, I'm sorry, a horrid speech. What a schmoe. How did I ever think he was a serious candidate? Clearly without having heard him.

Next, John McCain, and I thought, Dang, he’s presidential. Okay, maybe mostly in a "The state of the Union is boring" kind of way. But did you know that at age 71 he is older than the state of Alaska?

Later I saw John Edwards speak. Preach, brother! I like that kid. He’s a good storyteller.


Finally came Hillary Clinton, and I thought, Damn, she’s smart. Who’s crying now? (Answer: Wolf Blitzer.)

Who's going to win? Beats me, but I’m not ashamed to admit I like watching the game. ’Cuz at the end of it, don’t blame me, I voted for Bartlet.

Happy primary day, Michigan. Too bad you only half count.

Reporter: In addition, Mike Huckabee can draw on strong pro-life support from a very large Dutch community.

Jon Stewart: I always knew Huckabee was in the pocket of big wooden shoe!

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RMMcDowell said...

Except then it ALL went wrong last night!! Ugh. I hate (love) politics, and I can't wait until it's all over. The suspense isn't good for me. Neither is all the yelling at stupid people on my TV or radio.