Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the Vacay

Tooth #9 seems to be migrating to make its grand entrance into Anna's mouth, since she had us up in the night and up early with that lovely UNNNNNNNNNGH sound which persists until you haul yourself out of bed and downstairs, ceases when you are present, and resumes upon your attempting to leave her room and/or your head touching your pillow. She also has me singing everyone's favorite hymn, O Thou Fount of Grody Snotness. Who wants to bet when diaper rash adds to the fun?

Given that this kickoff to the day finds me just having finished her hair at just before lunchtime, it seems like a good time to reflect on our vacation. Was that just days ago?

Things we did not do on our vacation:
  • appreciate high humidity
  • pack light enough
  • get up early
  • go to bed early enough to make sleeping in count
  • work
  • see enough people
  • spend enough time without people

Things we did on our vacation:
  • wedding festivities
  • birthday festivities
  • go boating on Lake Michigan
  • stop by old workplaces
  • visit the zoo
  • coo at my nephew
  • blow bubbles
  • wading pool
  • slide and swing set
  • sandbox
  • remove sand from hair
  • moo at cows
  • donate blood to mosquitoes
  • dodge orange construction barrels
  • smell the flowers
  • enjoy the sun
  • eat a lot at every meal
  • eat ice cream late at night
  • do a lot of dishes
  • see some friends
  • miss some friends
  • take a lot of pictures

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cah-yuuuuute! (That's "cute" with appropriate oohing and aahing, and it refers to the phabulous photos and even includes the cows.) Did you really go back to you-know-where??? ck