Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All Play

We have been enjoying our time in Michigan. My brother and his wife arrived with their four-month-old boy "Tobo" the night after we did, so there has been lots of playing with and staring at the little ones. Anna is having the time of her life here with the small slide/swing set, kiddie pool, sandbox (aka hair nemesis...I was not home when this occurred...), deck steps, music table, five billion toys, and cows (bmoooooo!). My favorite game is her rocking me while I'm on the hammock!

We arrived just in time to be reminded that: (1) it's stinking hot here and (2) it's FREAKING HUMID here. However, Aaron loves the heat anyway and my dad wisely and mercifully got an air conditioner for upstairs where we kids and our kids sleep. After a couple days of extreme heat it has found the perfect spot--warm and sunny but not humid. And we spent Sunday afternoon on Aaron's parents' boat on Lake Michigan. Ahhh, summer!

We have had some relatives and friends here to visit, and Aaron successfully officiated Sami's wedding Friday night. Now we're relaxing a bit more and as a day early birthday event for me, I guess, planning to all go to the zoo tomorrow to show Anna the lions (raar!) and tigers (kitty!) and bears (baba!), oh my!

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Eric Mast said...

enjoying Panera's free internet?
I'm fairly sure I'm sitting across from you, with headphones on.