Saturday, January 31, 2009

Take That, To-Do List!

Accomplished this week:
  • had new carpet installed in A's room, touched up paint
  • bought paint to transform dining/living wall from banged-up to fashionable accent wall
  • swept and thoroughly mopped wood floors for the first time in...never mind
  • washed rugs
  • dusted and changed lightbulbs in crazy-high ceiling fans
  • removed paint spatters on outside of crazy-high window
  • changed look of high ceiling corners and high window from Haunted Mansion to non-embarrassing
  • scraped half-inch dust coating from top of kitchen cupboards
  • took down glassware that was stashed up high and boxed up rarely-used glassware
  • moved seasonal and storage boxes out of closet
  • taped up boxes ready to store and put them in garage
  • wrote deposit check to Western Theological Seminary

Holy crap. I think we are actually moving and going to seminary.



pmfh said...


You are now free to panic across the country.

If there's anything with which we can assist you, please just press the "sibling" button.


Anonymous said...

OHMYGOSH !! Those empowermints must be SUPER!! Send a couple back to me please!!
:) love, mom

Enor said...

Yes, it felt like we accomplished a lot this weekend.

Now we just have to do a million more things. :-D