Thursday, January 29, 2009

We Pffffft!

Along with tackling my To-Do List of Doom--yes, I have created an actual document with this title--I have been working on putting some structure back into my life so I can meet some personal goals and generally life the kind of healthy, balanced life I say I want to live.

I intended to get some goals written in time to make January 20 my "new year" day, since I was so far from thinking about the upcoming year on the 1st and the 20th seemed like a fresh start, new beginning, yada yada yada kind of a day, but of course I didn't have my goals list to tell me to do this by then, so it didn't get done. I have to write it down to cross it off, you know. I'm like Frog. Or was it Toad? Whichever.

But last week I did start ramping up my Fit in Four program.

Also known as Yes We Can Be in Better Shape Four Years from Now Than We Are Today.

Also known as logging off and standing up and stretching, walking, dancing, or otherwise putting my lazy booty in motion a few times a week.

Yesterday I had to make an unscheduled trip to BigPort to get a large screw removed from Aaron's flat tire. But the inconvenience was worth it because I was able to procure our Wii Fit! I'd seen them in the store right before Christmas but not since. Regardless, merry Christmas to us (and thank you Christmas money-givers)!

With my Little White Thing You Stand On I can now entertain myself with such amazing new games as Standing On One Foot On A Board, Imagining Skiing Down A Hill While Actually Standing On a Board, and Running In Place With Imaginary Friends. All are sure to help my friends burn many calories as they laugh uncontrollably at how much my "moves" resemble uncontrolled full-body muscle spasms.

In all seriousness, though, do not believe the Wii Fit BMI Lies! The Wii Fit is notoriously prone to wildly swinging measurements, and BMI is not necessarily a good measurement of health anyway. Case in point: we have a friend who is training for a bodybuilding competition. He could beat me up with one pinky and has about 4 percent body fat. The Wii Fit says he's morbidly obese. Come on now. Is he insane for eating only chicken and potatoes for five months so some people can judge his buffness? Maybe. (If I ever do something like that, you should check me in somewhere, because I'll have lost my mind.) Is he in any way fat? NO. BMI should be called B.S. Lie!

So while I'll probably check my stats out of curiosity from time to time, I'm not going to put too much stock in them. This thing is a game, not a doctor. And the last thing I want is my little girl stepping on there and internalizing the insult of this inanimate object treating her like she's an object that should be resized to match some one-size-fits-all standard, especially while she her body is still developing (which is why BMI shouldn't be applied to kids). I'm sad to think how many young people may feel even worse after trying something that's just supposed to be about making moving a bit fun.

Wii Fit? Yay! We fat, according to you? We say pffft!

Time for me to give it a try, before Aaron gets home to laugh at me, and then make some brownies to go with our CSI-watching. One can't overhaul a lifestyle too completely!


Cat Hoemke said...

So over all you like it though? I've been debating about this for a cold weather option when its negative blah outside. The problem I can see is what tobo will do to that piece of electronic. (chew on it) What does anna do while you work on it? or do you use nap time?

WMW said...

Tobo does love his electronics, doesn't he? Well, it has no cord, so it's pretty snackproof.

I have only used it once but I can say there's some fun little games and I think enough variety of activities to make it useful. I have trouble getting motivated to bundle up and get outside too. Anna's a late sleeper so I hope to do it in the mornings mostly, but she just milled around while I did it last night. And thought, "My mom is SUCH a dork!"

PS: It said I'm 43. Nintendo can suckit!

Anonymous said...

You go girl!! Every calorie that you burn now can be applied to ice cream this summer!! :)