Monday, August 13, 2007

The Good Life

I'm sorry I have been absent from this blog for so long. We have been busy living the good life.

On August 2 my parents and my brother and sister-in-law arrived from Michigan and Colorado to visit Anna and, I suppose, us. To say my mom was a little bit excited to meet her first grandchild would be one of the greatest understatements in the history of grandchildren. Family activities included adoring Anna, taking pictures of Anna, grilling food, giving Anna toys, taking pictures of Anna, trips to Safeway, taking pictures of Anna, trips to the beach, making Anna laugh, and, oh yes, taking pictures of Anna.

Saturday we did drive down the coast to do the tourist thing. Anna chose a popular chowder restaurant for her first PDD (Public Display of Defecation). This is now known as "getting Mo'ed" or a child who has "Mo'ed out." Apologies to those would-have-been (had I not made them ill) diners I passed by during our hasty, inelegant evacuation. Since they had to see it, why shouldn't you? (Go on, zoom in. I dare you.) (Why are you mad at me, Anna? Your sick grandma's the one who took the picture.)

Other than that little episode, Anna was a great traveler, tourist, and restaurant patron. Sadly, my brother and sister-in-law could only stay until Monday, but Mom and Dad were here through Sunday. Here are some photos of other activities we enjoyed:
  • dressing up silly, pretty, and sporty

  • trying new foods

  • wave and whale watching

  • making interesting size comparisons (during volcanic mouth activity)

  • training up a child in the way she should go so that when we are preparing our thrilling 4th-quarter comeback she will not depart from it

  • learning to fly


Eric and Cheryl said...

Congratulations...Your baby girl is just beautiful! We have been following your blog for several months and have been so blessed by your journey. We live in Troutdale, OR and are also adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia. I look forward to more pictures and stories of your new life together with Anna. Perhaps next time we are at the beach we could get together for coffee or dinner, we would love to hear more of your story.

Our blog is:

paige said...

Dear Wendy,

I'm sorry your daughter is so beautiful and gaze-worthy. So much loveliness must be hard on the eyes.

Thanks for the update. Your gal, she is a marvel!!!

shelly said...

great pictures...beautiful baby....beautiful family

Kendra said...

Hurray, an update! Anna is are not aware of that yet, are you?

Love you all!

~Hippie~ said...

... *Takes a deep breath*
and here I go.

It's ok that you've been absent for awhile. You've been busy, and that's certainly acceptable.
For a while.

It was interesting meeting your parents this time, although I really can't say I met them. In all honesty, I saw them as I ran through trying to fix my computer.

I'm still laughing at that PDD pic.
Horribly nasty; wonderfully hilarious.

To finish my small novel without chapters, I'll say this.

Aaron has really, really big feet.
It's funny that such a big man can be undercut by such a small baby.
I'm pretty sure that he'd give in to anything she wanted right now, and for quite some time to follow, once again reassuring me that he's still just a big baby.
That I love.
Like I love you and Ana.
Which is most definitely lots.
And lots.

Josh ~Hippie~

RMMcDowell said...

My observations:
1) I still cannot believe that you have a child.
2) Go Joey.
3) This is the first of many embarassing restaurant episodes.
4) The Lions are winning as I write this.
5) We love you and cannot wait to meet Anna.
6) Amber waited on us tonight, and her rock is HUGE. Plus she's moving to Bend. No fair.

Amy said...

Adorable girl! I remember Roman's first PDD... I had to have someone help take his clothes off, there was poop up to his shoulders! Ah, the memories. :)