Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Today I took my last malaria pill, signifying that we have been home from Ethiopia for one month.

Actually, to be honest, I haven’t taken it yet, only looked at it, because to do so makes me a little sad. Going to Africa was a dream I held for many years—maybe my whole life—and my feeling when the plane landed was We did it. We’re in Africa. Along with the half-joking thought I can die now. (I had the same "check it off the list of things to do before I die" feeling to a lesser degree at my first U2 concert. I hope to go back there too.)

I can’t believe that my time in Africa is gone.

I refuse believe I have no refills left.


~Hippie~ said...

So... I know this guy, who knows this guy...
He's the half-brother of this chick, who knows where it's at.
Gimme the pill name.
I'll hook you up.

Mark and Rebecca said...

What a nice post. I am glad that you fulfilled your dream! I am working on mine too!