Sunday, August 19, 2007

Reality Check . . . Make That "Remittance"

A couple nights ago I finally faced the stack of medical bills and insurance "explanations" we've received since we left for Ethiopia.

I can't imagine why I would have been avoiding it.

It was literally two inches thick.

Anna helped me sort it all out.

Then we did this.


~Hippie~ said...

I'm not even going to cover it up.
That is a ginormous stack of bills and debts, among other forms asking for your funds.
I'm sorry.
But look at the bright side...
No, over there. No, to your OTHER left...
Oh nevermind.

Gretchen Driesenga said...

yay for pictures! boo for bills!

Stacie said...

Ooh - we've done that too! I mean, the last picture... not the bills - haven't even touched those yet. I'm blaming it on Micah - seems to be working so far. :)