Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekly Whatnot

This week Aaron got hit with the plague--a version of the complete-knockout sickness going around. He is feeling better, and the rest of us have stayed clear of it so far. (Lord, protect my child.)

The other day I went by Pastor J. and his wife K.'s house as they were packing up. Strange to see their house nearly empty. And lots of memories brought back by helping wipe out cupboards (as K. helped me when we moved in here), by a big yellow moving truck, by the panicked Are we going to get everything in? look on K.'s face when she came home and saw it. I decided I'd better say good-bye and get out of the way.

At the church we are getting by after saying good-bye. We have pulpit supply lined up for a while (featuring Aaron for Holy Week) and an interim pastor search team formed. It's certainly a lot of heavy lifting for those who serve in multiple capacities in the church, though. We hope and pray we get pastoral leadership in here before they burn out. Aaron has also been discovering just how many people come to the church wanting things he can't help them with and just how little he can get done when he's the only one there to tell them he can't help them with those things.

I took our taxes in to be done today. I must confess that despite my sworn aversion to all things numerical, I find a certain satisfaction in getting the taxes done. It's like a puzzle. And a challenge to set a new personal best for most deductions. I did our taxes myself for a few years after my dad gave me some tips, but I gave it up when we moved across states and I went self-employed. This year I had the mother of all paper stacks for the accountant, what with all the medical and adoption stuff. It took me parts of several days just to get it organized, but I kept telling myself that the trouble should "earn" us a nice fat refund, which we will promptly use to take a trip to Maui pay off all our prior stimulation of the economy (health care and travel sectors in particular).

That's all the news that isn't. Photo post coming soon.

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