Thursday, February 07, 2008

Her Oneth Birthday

Somewhere in the after-Christmas blur, our little girl turned one. This really caught me off guard since I was just getting used to the concept that I had a baby—now I have a one-year-old? Say what?!

I kept waffling on whether to party or not to party. Fortunately, our less celebration-challenged friends at church ensured the presence of cake and cards, and on her birthday we were able to go out for dinner with friends and come back home for banana cream pie (Daddy’s favorite, why not?). Her favorite gift, despite the fine variety she received, is the kitty card from Grandma and Grandpa H. It’s sitting on a shelf so she can see it and declare its name: "Kheeeey!" Silly me to ever thinks she needs anything more than the sight of an actual or two-dimensional cat.

Birthday dinner—high five!

At church she started out pretty dainty with the cake, but in the end she had a good amount of the brightest purple frosting imaginable on her hands, face, hair, eyelashes, and clothing. (Sorry, the only pictures are still on our friend’s camera.) With the pie, she wasted no time.

Pie for One.

This is a messy game to play with a mouthful of pudding.

But he started it!


Jenny said...

We've got 5 weeks to go. I know what you mean, the time has went so fast. I totally relate to just getting used to having a baby, and now they're toddlers! I see less and less baby every day and more and more stubborn toddler in Josh all the time. Where have the last 6 months went??

Happy firstest, sweet Anna!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Anna! Wow, a year old already... Love the pie covered shots!

RMMcDowell said...

Happy, happy day (a lot late), Anna!!

Anonymous said...

Happy First Birthday Miss Anna! Your adorable as ever! Kim P.