Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Travels and Tidbits

Last Friday and Saturday we went to a youth ministry seminar with the Young Life crew. I decided somewhat late to come along, with Anna. That was tiring. Fun, but tiring. She is decidedly less easy to tote along and keep quiet during presentations these days (thus we are camping out in the church nursery a lot of late), although she had a couple well-timed naps and was great overall. When she was rambunctious I let her climb stairs (closely guided) and enjoy the sun outside. There's nothing like hanging out on a nice campus quad to make you feel young and hip. Until you realize how much younger those frisbee boys are and that the most defining thing about your hip is that it has a baby riding on it. Ah well.

Our two cool young chick YL leaders rode with us. We had a lot of fun. Yes, we have lived here 4 1/2 years and we now have a handful of new friends younger than us (versus 20 years older--no offense to our fogie friends). We are soooooo cool now!

We offered to drop off C. but she said her parents had dropped off her car at our house so she could just drive home. We pulled in--no car. She called them: "I thought you said you dropped off my car. It's not here." Oh yes, it was . . . in our neighbors' driveway. They had to be thinking What the...?!

Yesterday I'm standing in the ShopMart pharmacy line (otherwise known as the 7th circle of hell but with $4 drugs) with Anna in the cart. The old (white) guy behind me that she's grinning at says randomly but cheerfully to Anna, "Are you going to vote for Barack Obama?" I translated for her: "Yes sir!" (except for the whole, you know, 17 years too young thing).


~Hippie~ said...

You should've told him that she would be promptly voting for Chuck Norris when he runs for the next term. That'd throw him off a beat.

Laura said...

That's pretty classic about the "older" guy... :)

Ana said...

I could help with her at church if you ever want to stay and listen to the preacher.

RMMcDowell said...

In some locales her age just wouldn't matter . . .

Congrats on the sleeping progress. It is sad. But exciting.