Monday, March 17, 2008

A Genius Is Born

Congratulations are in order for my Too-Smart Brother Guru and Brilliant Sister-in-Law Piscis who are brand new parents! They welcomed Samuel to the world early Saturday, a couple weeks early. They are all home and doing great (except probably annoyed that they are half-buried in the random baby items I mailed them. Hey, I had to do something with all that grandma overkill.).

My mother can now turn her energies from worrying that he wouldn't be born by the time they visited to distress that three and a half whole weeks of his life will pass before she can plant her grandma smooches all over him. Alas who knows when I'll get to show him my auntie love. Why does this country have to be so big?

I must say he's quite a handsome little boy. And takes after his parents.

Just kidding. That obviously isn't him. He's smaller and prefers the classics.

But it runs in the family. His cousin finished the seventh Harry Potter by the time she was half its size.

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