Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sit 'n' Swim

Last week Anna stayed home with someone other than us for the very first time. It was pretty last-minute, because I had to go see someone at the hospital due to our town being in the news for all the wrong reasons. (Sigh. Google News if you must know.) That was probably good since it gave me no time to worry about it/her. I dashed out the door as casually as possible, and Anna spent the next 2 1/2 hours running circles around ShyGirl. And going over to the door and wanting to look out. She did miss me! But not so much that someone else's undivided attention didn't make it worthwhile.

I had been feeling like Anna was ready to be left, since she's been home over six months and doing so well in her attachment--but you never really know how it will go. She did want extra holding at bedtime, but I was needing some extra hugs myself that day, so I was certainly happy to oblige. It's nice to know that she seems to be ready for the occasional sitter here at home. I think we will start calling on one from time to time, and perhaps also sometimes when I'm here but really need to get some things done (see: current project that really feels like brain-hurting homework).

Aaron had a checkup with his eye specialist Thursday afternoon and a CT scan of his heart (also just a checkup) Friday morning, both up in Portland, so we made it a mini vacation. We had dinner--like at a restaurant, like with menus and a waitress--and went to Trader Joe's to stock up on cheap wine, those chocolate orange sticks I can't stop eating, and strange olive- and jalepeno-based experiments Aaron likes to try.

And then, at our hotel . . . to the pool! She was too cute waddling down the hall in her little Mary-Lou-Retton-esque patriotic swimsuit (Christmas gift from Great-Aunt Nancy) and duck robe.

Which way to the pond, little ducky?

At first Anna wasn't too sure about this idea. That's an awful big bathtub, and it's kind of cold. But then she realized There's splashing? All right, this is fun!

Then we chilled amongst our bed's abundant pillows. Ahhhhhhh.

The CT scan took annoyingly long, but on the way home we even hit Starbucks and Target (actually Starbucks in Target--or was it all an amazing dream?). Then we were exhausted and spent the rest of the weekend catching up on all 27 hours of American Idol that aired that week. 'Cuz we tire easily, 'cuz all of a sudden we're old. Really, really old.

Sorry the pool pictures aren't great. It was strangely dark in there (even with my high level of reflectivity) and I was trying not to get my camera wet.


paige said...

Aww, she's got a knee roll just like Astrid's. Those pool pictures are darling--Anna J is getting SO big!

RMMcDowell said...

That picture of Anna and Aaron with Anna splashing is too much!! What an adorable big girl you have! :)

Anonymous said...

I had fun babysitting. I just forgot how tiring it was.