Sunday, March 30, 2008

In the future, thoughts will travel beyond my mind.

Thought about blogging earlier today. Didn't. Thought about working today too. Didn't. I think about doing a lot of things but then don't. I guess I must like it that way.

I did, however, do other more Sunday-appropriate things, like journal and also clear a chair of months-old photos and cards (that were all jumbled because Anna had tried clearing that chair several times herself). I also cleared off my computer desk yesterday. I took a nice "before" picture of it--at least a month ago. But I apparently deleted it since I didn't then actually clean the desk and it just got worse, although I did remove the dead moth. So I will spare you the before and after shots, but trust me, this desk is actually brown and made of a wood-based substance. Who knew? I'm as surprised as anyone. Thought it was made of paper. Maybe I will take a shot of my office floor before I clear that and we can play a round of "guess what color the buried carpet is."

Anyhoo, by popular demand, I hope to manage to get back to tales of Ethiopia and maybe even figure out how to post a little video snippet. Because we have a tiny little harmonica player here, people, and it's quite freaking cute.

However, we also have visitors coming at the end of the week and work doubled-up, so don't set your expectations too high.

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