Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I am noticing that I have a lot of energy today after getting some exercise three times already this week. Lest you think I’m some kind of healthy person, rest assured that that’s probably more than the last three weeks combined. This morning when my computer was calling me to plunk down and surf away my morning, I was not necessarily convinced that taking a walk would make me feel better than sitting down with more coffee, but having tried it and felt pretty good this afternoon, I have to say that it did. Not that my energy has translated into any great work productivity.

It helps that we’ve had such glorious sunshine. Why oh why is it going to disappear as soon as my parents get here (and probably reappear when they leave)? The weathergods are cruel to me. Although not as cruel as my mother thinks. She’s always talking up the weather at their place: how warm and sunny it is, how the grass is greening up, how pretty the flowers/leaves/snowflakes are. It’s just soooo darn nice! she says. If she’s here and it’s nice, it’s I just can’t believe how darn nice it is! These are the only two options for weather conversations with her: how nice it is in Michigan and how surprising it is in Oregon.

What gives you energy? Quick! Name ten things!

  1. Walking on the beach
  2. Sunshine
  3. A room full of teenagers
  4. Dancing (badly, in private)
  5. Sex (now forget you read that)
  6. Fresh flowers
  7. A freshly de-cluttered room
  8. A friendly debate
  9. Making other people laugh
  10. Blog comments - now gimme my energy drug!


Upfront Team said...

Sex gives you energy? It always makes my wife tired! (now forget you read that!)

Kevin Kroondyk said...

woah...that last comment was from me...i was logged in the wrong name. oh well...2 comments for the price of one.

paige said...

I'm so blown-away by #5, I can't even concentrate now. Thanks, married hussy!