Saturday, April 19, 2008

When We First Saw Her Face

My mom called a while ago. “This is a collect call!” she said. Aw, sweet of her to remember. But I told that joke better than her.

On April 19, 2007, we received our referral of a beautiful Ethiopian girl. “Healthy baby under six months old” had a name. We had a child.

It’s been one year since my heart leapt out of my chest at the words “You have a daughter!” One year since we first heard her name. One year since we first saw her face.

Her baby face has changed so much, yet it can still make my heart leap.

Happy referral day, Yegetanesh. We love you.

Thank you so much for loving us back.


Jenny said...

I knew this was coming up soon! Hard to believe all that's happened in the last year, isn't it? Sweet memories. Happy anniversary of your referral day, Aaron, Wendy, and sweet baby Anna!

RMMcDowell said...

Thanks. And what a year. For both of us!

Gretchen Driesenga said...

Wow. It's amazing what can happnen in just one year.

Anonymous said...

Alas, I screamed and cried with joy to know that God had given my daughter a daughter of her own for years of fun and sharing! Bless you both forever and always, mom

paige said...

Hasn't it been a lovely year?