Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One of Those 48-Hour Days

Monday night it started. The fussiness. The crying. The angst.

Anna was probably tired from the busy previous week and day before, but she’s also been continuing to grow teeth, and diaper rash struck with a vengeance. (I don’t care what they say—those two are related.) When I made it upstairs for bed I was reintroduced to the laundry lying all over the bed and my corduroys from Sunday with someone else’s chewing gum embedded all up the back of the leg because I’d apparently sat in it and spread it all over myself and, earlier, my couch, which was far easier to clean than all those little grooves. I ignored them. Again.

Tuesday morning Aaron found Anna in her crib in a veritable flood of pee—pjs, sheets, blankets, everything. (Curse you, disposable diapers!) Had to wash everything including the child. Diaper rash was not better, nurse was taking her time calling back, and to top off Anna’s continuing mood, she also had the runny nose we’ve all been having from the spring pollen coating settling upon our region. And you just know a 15-month-old loves having her nose wiped.

On the bright side, she took a really long nap.

This morning we had our ungodly early YL planning meeting, and then I decided I’d start some laundry and finally face the gum-on-the-pants issue. Picking it off was kind of nasty, but it finally occurred to me to use Goo-Gone. It was then that I discovered, in the hall closet, that the shelf was covered in leaked ammonia I’d bought ages ago on a make-your-own-cleaning-products kick. It really didn’t smell clean, though. More like someone peed Pine-Sol. Resulting in a surprisingly powerful contact high.

There’s nothing like going to clean up a mess and discovering another, much worse mess, is there?

Sometimes it’s just one of those days. Those long, long, long days. It’s just another Manic Monday . . . through Wednesday.

Happily, the rash and the girl’s mood have improved greatly today, and life goes on in all it’s messy, ironic, whirlwind glory.


Anonymous said...

I highly recommend Huggies Overnights. We always get them a size bigger than our baby's current size (perhaps our children are shaped too oddly for Huggies?). I had manic Tuesday and Wednesday too, so perhaps it's the pull of the moon. The redeeming thing? It's 76 degrees and sunny in I-wa! Ahh...the return of spring at last. CK

karen said...

My kids always had HORRIBLE diaper rash when they were teething. On child 3, i finally told my doctor that the two HAD to be related. He said that probably what happens is that when the baby is teething, it opens up the gums like little cuts, which allows bacteria to get into their system, which makes it a lot easier to get diaper rash.

Whatever the explanation, they're totally related.

Jenny said...

Oh, poor Anna. Glad to hear she's on the mend a bit. And hey, at least your shelf is really really clean and you found it before Anna! Some days you just have to tell yourself that it can only get better! I haven't tried the Huggies Overnights yet, but I have a coupon and plan on trying them the next time I buy diapers.

Oh, and Josh has NEVER had a diaper rash...but he's still a crappy sleeper. It's a trade off, I guess.

I sent you an email the other day with my gmail account instead of yahoo...sometimes gmail gets categorized as spam...just so you know.

And our adoption paperwork was easy - I paid a lawyer $$$ to do it all for us! All we did was fork over the paperwork and show up in court. Easy, but pricey.

Anila said...

I`ve got a tip for yuou , I always used cornstarch in the diaper when my girl was teething !
It is a very old Dutch treatment , and it works because the starch keeps the bottom dry ..don`t ask how and why ;-)