Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In Your FACE, United Airlines

Yesterday I went ahead and booked our flights for July: heads up, GR, we're coming at you July 15-26. Let there be gatherings and festivities and low humidity for all!

And now, in an unprecedented act of advance planning . . . I just bought our tickets for Christmastime (Dec. 26-Jan. 7). This is stunning. I won't know what to do with myself all through October and November without this purchase to debate and rage about. The Grinch part of my heart grew three sizes today.

Even more shocking is that I was actually able to get two tickets using our frequent flyer miles. They seem to make it as hard as possible. For Aaron's last trip I even transferred miles from my account to his, which costs money, so he could go using miles--but by the time the miles were in his account, no "reserved for mileage plus" tickets were available. Grr! So rather than play that game again, I bought our tickets with miles and Anna's with money (well, credit!) and will try to use what remains next time.

For some reason I feel like I'm really gaming the system even though hello, we've been flying across the country at least twice a year for five years and also flew to Africa, first class--you'd think getting one lousy trip out of it would not be that hard. Oh, but today I am victorious.


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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you guys again! Bet Anna has changed alot since Christmas.