Monday, June 09, 2008

Just Another Schlumpadinka Monday

Six o'clock already / I was just in the middle of a dream . . .

I decided yesterday on a whim--because that's how I make all my big decisions I have no intention of following through on--that I should get up at the same time every day, and that time should be 6:30. As in starting my day at 6:30 a.m., not getting up from a nap at 6:30 p.m. (not that I do that, but it sounds dang good right now).

Someone should really clue my daughter in that this means I'd like to sleep through the night until 6:30.

The result? Well, I'm tired, and I never made it out of my, er, "exercise pants." I realized I'd probably feel better if I did, but it was rainy. And one of the secret rules of working at home is that you are allowed to stay in your schlumpadinka sweatpants all day if it is rainy.

Of course the point of all this early rising is to try to make myself more productive-- oversleeping 30 minutes a day eats up 180 hours a year!-- and yoga pants don't really compliment that goal (unless of course you're a yoga instructor). But the realization that if I can add just 30 minutes a day of productivity (work) to my life, I could contribute a lot more financially to this outfit, well, I have to give that a shot, because we've got plane tickets to buy.

Plane tickets to Michigan are currently dragging my financial plan and sanity to the brink of destruction. I cannot express to you how much I HATE HATE HATE this process EVERY SINGLE TIME I go through it. I go through all the stages of travel grief. Denial: Maybe the prices will drop. Rage: WTF do you mean we can't use our miles AGAIN? Bargaining: A 2000 Suzuki, our dog, and the red-eye for not connecting through Chicago, final offer.

Now, Mister Smart Article Guy says that to become an early riser, I should go to bed now, since I'm tired, so I can jump up like Pavlov's dog when the alarm taunts me again. Too bad I just got my blood pressure up by thinking about those flights.

The good news? We'll see you in July, Michigan friends. Now there's a sweet dream.


Cat Hoemke said...

Sleep is for the weak. :D

Us said...

As requested, I'm here to speak sternly to you too. Go to bed! As I said to Cat, if you're not taken care of, you cannot parent your child. :) And strangely enough, I used an airplane metaphor.

But hooray! I get to see you guys in July as I'm making it to the farm for Sam's "coming out!"

RMMcDowell said...

When, when? We want you on our calendar!