Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some Kind of Regular

(No, this isn't a poop post. In my head it's sung to "Some Kind of Wonderful," okay?)

Aaron made it back Saturday evening in an exhausted heap. We're getting back into a regular life groove again. In summer he's home more evenings, which is nice except that he kind of likes to eat dinner and is here to notice that there's no food parts that make a whole meal. I think I'm going to have to hit the store today.

Sunday afternoon's bed races were the usual SmallPort spectacle. This is such a funky little town. This year there were four entries and a new champion was awarded the coveted Golden Pillow. (Crowd favorite The Bed Wetters retained the Golden Bedpan yet again.)

Our "neighbor" (a few streets up and over) recently adopted her little girl from Ethiopia. We swung by their welcome home party last week to see her and they stopped by Saturday morning to drop off things they'd borrowed and things she brought me from Ethiopia, including a traditional outfit for Anna and some jewelry that's different from what I'd bought. Let me tell you this girl is beautiful. Did you think Anna has big eyes? No--this girl has incredible eyes! All this has left me missing Ethiopia again. I will try to get back to blogging about our trip soon.

I also have to get going on those readoption papers. I know, I know--you've procrastinated this long?! Of course. I realized, however, that I don't have any government ID with the name I told the airlines she's flying under. I called NWA and it's no problem for July, but I think United might be more picky.

I know I shouldn't be intimidated by this stack of papers because it's supposedly an easy process, but I am. I don't know if it's mommybrain or what, but sometimes I feel like I've lost the ability to tackle such things. I think it's partly a symptom of a cluttered desk and office. I need to dig out.

On with the show day, this is it!


paige said...

Right there with you e.g. the readoption, and we went a few months before you did. As long as our girls don't commit felonies in the next few months, I figure they're fine!

Glad Aaron is home, safe and sound!

RMMcDowell said...

I wish I could tell you that it gets easier, but, well, it doesn't. :)

Amy said...

We didn't have to readopt in Michigan, but we waited (procrastinated?) almost 2 years to get Roman's Michigan-style birth certificate. We had to appear in person at the office downtown Detroit. That's easy to put off. :)

It was the looming spectre of registration for kindergarten that finally got us moving. Can you imagine, presenting his translated Russian birth certificate to the local elementary school?!

We still don't have his US passport, just the Russian one. So we can't go to Canada until we do. Of course, we have no pressing need to go to Canada, so there you go.