Monday, September 29, 2008

Meet Our New Babysitter

Yeah, I know. I can almost see her getting dumber. Or at least losing the ability to speak in first person. Elmo make baby talk annooooooooying!

But she just might be spending some time with this monster (heh) this week because I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO READ A CALENDAR. I thought I was going to be really busy with work and things this week. Then today I realized that I miscalculated a deadline and October starts this week and I'm INSANELY SWAMPED. I have a ton of work to do and Aaron and I both have youth and church meetings and events scattered all over the place. D'oh!

And yes, I know I said back in the happy easy theoretical pre-toddler theoretical parenting days that I wanted to keep her off TV until she turned two (as recommended). We made it to about 16 months, okay? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Besides, as a bonus, I'm picking up a few Spanish words. It's like going back to escuela.

But do they have a course in calendar reading comprehension?


Jenny said...

oh no, I can hear the music la la la, la la la la Elmo's world, Elmo loves his goldfish...

Yeah. S.S and a few other PBS shows are mindless babysitters here too. I get you totally.

The Six of Us said...

AGH! Now I have the song in my head!

DO not be too hard on yourself! Noah was watching the debates for almost 30 minutes. WOuldn't take his eyes off 'em.

Besides...what do the "experts" know anways? :)

Anonymous said...

Sesame Street & PBS made an editor out of you! What's so bad about that?! Dad

Amy said...

I even began to grow fond of some of Elmo's bits. I especially like Mr. Noodle. And Mr. Noodle's cousin, Mr. Noodle. Makes me giggle every time.