Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Quick Post While I Continue to Avoid Other Things

My current state in bullet form:
  • I am getting quite behind on my rush project.
  • I should not be blogging.
  • I should not be reading any part of the Internet.
  • I should not be paying any attention to the 379 things in my Google Reader (probably including your blog posts I haven't commented on—sorry).
  • I should not be going shopping with girlfriends tomorrow even though baby girl really needs pajamas her feet are not busting out of and I really need the sanity only girlfriend time can bring.
I am doing all these things.

I am sooooo mavericky like that.


paige said...

You are MY hero!!!!

What size pjs does Anna need? Ae bought the footless kind that snap up the front and rudie-nudie is naked within minutes--a most unpleasant turn of events, I assure you!

Anonymous said...

Some adorable pj's are about to go in the mail...
:) love to Anna, grandma