Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Early and Often

I turned my ballot in today. Signed, sealed, delivered (after a slight delay...)!

I would have done it Friday but I messed up the envelopes. There is a security envelope and an outer envelope you sign; I put my ballot in the outer envelope thinking that one went in the security envelope, then realized that's all wrong and it's smaller. Yes, I'm a person who goes out and reminds other people to vote and can even tell them where to check on why they didn't get a ballot, but I'm too incompetent to fill out my own!

Fortunately it was no problem, thanks to our early/mail-in system. I just went in to city hall to see what I should do (answer: reseal outer envelope and sign to indicate I'm the one who taped it up), and because I turned in my ballot there instead of the drive-though drop box, I was able to obtain the coveted I Voted sticker! I am so easily bribed. Like a patriotic four-year-old.

This is why I am glad to see so many states allowing early voting this year. Already people are waiting three, six, eight, almost twelve hours to vote. And there have been some problems with machines and ballots. Can you imagine the chaos and lines in some of these places on November 4 if there had been no early voting? I am sure we'll see problems in some places, especially with the expected heavy turnout, but at least a lot of places have been able to work out the kinks before then without anyone losing their opportunity to vote.

So I heartily encourage you to take advantage of early voting or turn in your mail-in ballot early if you can. As my dad likes to say . . . vote early, vote often!*

P.S.: I celebrated with an elitist fair trade organic latte from my small-town mom-and-pop real American coffeeshop (I'm so confused). Oh yes I did.

* Technically my dad is a politician, since he holds elective office. But rest assured he is hardly the Mayor Daley of Allhomers Township!


pmfh said...

I really hope the electronic vote-stealing, err, "voting" machines are tossed out after this year -- those bloody things are proving themselves to be every bit the embarrassment skeptics predicted.

If you already voted, I guess you sneakily dodged my one last attempt to get you to vote for a more free America! :D

Anonymous said...

Vote Matt Walton for Mayor! A vote for Matt Walton is a vote for Matt Walton.

WMW said...

pmfh: Yes, I voted for the America where I am free to buy health insurance for a preexisting condition. :)

Walton, you really should get some signs and stickers with that slogan!

laura said...

Hey... What are you trying to say about my mayor? :) I voted yesterday too, but alas, the aforementioned mayor does not have his city give out cool stickers to early voters... sigh...