Thursday, April 02, 2009

Westward Hack

When you read this I'll be hacking my way to the Wild West (which is actually east, but that just doesn't seem right) of Colorado. Hacking because I FREAKING GOT SICK THIS WEEK.

I am none too pleased that the first day of my vacation may consist of me napping in a hotel room by myself . . . wait, no, that sounds awesome actually. If only I can get rid of the coughing, sniffling, feeling blaaaaaaaah part.

And of course first I have to survive a three-hour drive, the airport, and a two-and-a-half-hour plane ride with little miss probably won't nap because I'll want to. I think it'll be fine, though. She's a good traveler and I'm packing about 47 kinds of snacks.

Here we come Rocky Mountain Hiiiiiiiiiiiiigh, Colorado!


Kevin Kroondyk said...

There's a snow storm coming tomorrow. Just for you! Welcome to Colorado!

paige said...

Have a fabulous time!!!!!
And feel better, quickly!