Saturday, April 25, 2009

How's the Honolulu Blue Kool-Aid So Far?

I'm watching the NFL Draft (and working) without my man today because he's at a youth event until late tonight. So no party despite the Lions' dubious honor of picking #1. And no suspense either (until pick #20) since the Lions signed their #1 pick last night: quarterback Matthew Stafford.

And the fans' reaction? Let's just say they may have grown a tad cynical. Some quips from the message boards after the deal was announced:
  • The Detroit news is reporting that a 1,000 Lions fans have jumped off the Ambassador Bridge. They're doing all they can to save the people.
  • Stafford, let me introduce you to the wheel chair.
  • OK . . . well, welcome to Detroit, Matt! Now get rid of that damn curse and win us a super bowl . . . you have your hands full.
  • Congrats, Matt! If anyone knows how to lead a team to a championship that hasn't won since 1957, it's you.
  • Mr. Stafford, welcome to the Lion Nation. We are harsh, sometimes brutal, but loyal. Welcome to hell, rook!!!!
  • Congratulations, Matt. Now you have the time and money to take piano lessons.
  • Fan 1: "Hopefully now The Curse of Bobby Lane is officially over!" Fan 2: "For $78 million, something had better be over."
  • Stafford, welcome to the Lions--if you are a pro bowler and hall of famer, you won't get booed.
  • Can he be converted to a left tackle?
  • It's time for the rest of the league to prepare . . . for a Staff Infection!
And most disturbingly:
  • He will play in year one because I want to see my investment and my draft choice in action. Sincerely, William Clay Ford Sr.

But hey, it's spring. Hope springs delusional eternal in for Lions fans. Anna says, "More Kool-Aid please!"

Or if you're not drinking the Kool-Aid yet, add your own smart-aleck quip below!

Awaiting pick #20 . . .

"We're Lions fans. The draft is our Super Bowl."


pmfh said...

A QB and a TE?

WMW said...

Yeah...well...I didn't particularly want QB and no one thought the best TE would be there at 20. I didn't see it coming, but now I get it: he's a stud blocker that will help the o-line, run game, red zone...might as well take that top talent since we have needs almost EVERYWHERE including there.

Only bad for Jason Hanson who will not kick a field goal instead of TD extra point all the time. Or so we hope...

If nothing else since his name is Pettigrew I can imagine that he might one day transfigure into a rat. :)

Kevin Kroondyk said...

3 rounds...5 O-line...and another WR!?!?! I'm gonna cry.

pmfh said...

Lions fans seem pleased with Pettigrew, which is fine (I also thought of him transmogrifying!) -- but with #1 and #20, I guess I expected a clear rebuilding agenda...

O-line is critical -- the Steelers' sucky line was frightening all year to the very end!

Shalala said...

It would be super duper nice if this year our leading scorer wasn't our awesomly fantasmic kicker.
Anna us the cutest lions fan out there.