Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Voted

In lieu of sticker . . . photographic proof!

Can I just say that I freaking love voting? It just makes me feel so stinking patriotic to take the time to go to my local polling place, see all my fellow community members, say hi to all the nice old ladies volunteering, fill out and turn in my ballot, and wear that awesome "I Voted" sticker all day. I love to see others wearing it too, no matter who they voted for--the most important thing is that we all participate. If you don't vote, you can't complain, I say.

Of course now that we live in Oregon all voting is done by mail, which works well but is not nearly so satisfying. I like to at least drop my ballot in the drop box rather than my own mailbox, since that makes me feel like it's at least a little bit more important than paying my cable bill.

Aaron is getting ready to head to Portland to fly out early for Michigan for his bro's wedding. Anna and I should have sufficient stores of whole milk and ice cream and TiVo'ed TV to get us through these five and a half days. And events have conspired to keep me away from my work, so every moment she's asleep and I can stay awake, it's nose to the red-penciled grindstone for me.

Remember the Friday movie plans? Six of us gathered and piled in a friend's gas-guzzler, drove to the theater and the power was out. Happily, the babysitter was available for a do-over the next day, and we had a great time and enjoyed the movie despite its in many ways bearing little resemblance to the book. Spoiler alert: Prince Caspian looks like young Keanu Reeves. But he never does say, "Whoaaaah."


RMMcDowell said...

I do think your mail-in voting is a bit shady . . . what about intimidation and all other forms of fraud? of course, if everyone in Oregon is honorable, then that issue would be moot. But seriously, has the loser never contested that?!

wmw said...

Au contraire, my friend, our mail-in system is considered a safe and efficient one that others should start following. Think about all the problems with regular voting: knowing and getting to polling place, bad weather or traffic keeps you away, when you get there your name is not on the roll or you don't have the right ID or the worker doesn't let you vote even though you should be able to, or the machines don't work or the power goes out and there's no backup paper trail, or you don't understand how to punch the chad and accidentally vote Buchanan... With mail-in we get our ballots two weeks ahead so if you don't get one you can go request one, you can fill it out at your convenience and get it in either right away or up through election day, someone can help you if you need it, and you sign the outer envelope that you return your ballot in and forging that or tampering with mail is a federal offense. No voting places and poll workers required. It's a logical system...just not so inspiring to take part in!

Jodi said...

You go girl! I did voting advocacy in highschool and used to LONG for the chance to vote.
I agree that dropping off your ballot is not near as "cool" as going somewhere and I too enjoy driving to a drop box to send mine off.
Such a great right we have to vote!!!