Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Overheard in Parenting: Linens Say What?

Anna has been learning to make animal noises. "What does a sheep say?" "AAAAAAAAH." "What does a bee say?" "Ssssssssszzzzzz." "What does an owl say?" "Woooooooo."

It's pretty much adorable. And recently it led to the following conversation:

me, seeing clean laundry: Should we put away these towels?

anna: Wooooooo!

me: Oh, sorry—TOWELs, honey, not owls. . . . Good job, though.


paige said...

WHOOOOO's the cutest girl on the planet (Astrid of course!) but Anna J is running a VERY close second. Too sweet!!!

RMMcDowell said...


Anonymous said...

Wooooo! And Yea!! The ability to rhyme is one of the biggest determiners of reading success! She's on her way & she's only been listening to our language for 10 months!! This Grandma is sure that she has the smartest baby! :) LOVE YA !

Laura said...

I love stories like that... :)