Monday, May 05, 2008

Post #202: 22 Things

There is a tradition in the bloggy world of dedicating one's 100th post to 100 Things about yourself. Well, my 100th post was long ago, but I did notice that I just passed #200. So for post #202, I give you . . . 22 things (because come on, 202 is waaaaay too many)!

  1. Anna was up at 5:30 a.m. and I couldn’t get her back to sleep and really just wanted to turn in my mommy badge or maybe build a soundproof room in the garage where either she or I could sleep. Finally when Aaron decided to get up and shower, she went back to sleep and so did I—oversleeping through my alarm clock for over an hour. Good-bye, morning!
  2. I have a project taking me forever that I wish would just go away already so I can turn to restoring order to my papers and finances and kitchen counter and brain.
  3. I usually use the dictionary on my computer because if I use the book, I get distracted on the way to the word by all the amazing unfamiliar words just begging me to read their definitions.
  4. My speech is too frequently sprinkled with quotations from my favorite movies and TV shows, such as: Seinfeld, The West Wing, A Few Good Men, Christmas Vacation, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, and The Princess Bride.
  5. We have a dog named Fezzik after the giant from The Princess Bride. Why? Because he’s big, friendly, and dumb.
  6. I plan to name my next dog Pavlov. (The one after that, Cleanup. Maybe Cleanup Crew if he is particularly gangsterish. Third next dog, Dyson.)
  7. I get teary watching people win things: the Academy Award, the Super Bowl, American Idol. And sometimes when Oprah gives away amazing stuff (because she’s not giving it to me) and occasionally at sappy TV ads. I never used to be this way, so don’t ask me what happened.
  8. I had never changed a diaper by myself before we adopted our daughter. Inexplicably, they still let me have her.
  9. I am a huge Detroit Lions and NFL football nerd. I sometimes watch the NFL Network and have watched portions of the NFL Draft on TV three years running. (We’re Lions fans. The draft is our Super Bowl.)
  10. I have never had surgery, stayed in the hospital, broken a bone, or had a cavity.
  11. The talent I most wish I had is singing. With a big black gospel voice. Like Melinda Doolittle, my favorite Idol ever.
  12. Talent I would like to learn: photography.
  13. TV shows I like to watch: CSI, Ugly Betty, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, American Idol, Oprah, Seinfeld . . . let’s just stop there and say I like to watch too much TV.
  14. If I come across a Seinfeld rerun on TV, I am powerless to resist watching it.
  15. My favorite food is ice cream. But if I had to live on just one food it would probably be cereal. There’s rarely a time of day or night when a big bowl of cereal with really cold milk doesn’t sound good to me.
  16. During high school I worked at McDonald’s. Feel free to insert a Wendy’s-related joke here, as customers frequently did when they saw my name tag. (“Aren’t you at the wrong restaurant?” “Is your dad’s name Dave [Thomas]?” “Does your dad know you’re working here?” Yeah, he does, and I’m a spy, but his name is Denny, so I report back to him at 3:00 a.m. over Moons Over My Hammy. Now do you want fries with that?)
  17. I can count all my blood relatives on my fingers. We are truly a rare breed.
  18. Favorite candy: chocolate orange! Fantastic morning, noon, or night.
  19. I grew up a country girl on a mini-farm.
  20. I was technically too young to drink alcohol at my own wedding.
  21. Some of my favorite Bible passages are Psalm 51, Psalm 90, 1 John 4.
  22. My worst habit is staying up and then getting up too late—see #1.

That’s all . . . I hope to blog again soon—if I don't stay up too late eating ice cream and watching TV.


RMMcDowell said...

What happened to you to bring about the weeping? You became a mother. It really isn't your fault.

Cat Hoemke said...

sam's pulling an all nighter. I hope your mornings get easier.

Laura said...

#17 rings so true... rare breed indeed!

Anonymous said...

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wmw said...

RMM, I think it started before I became a mother (maybe it made me one?). But Aaron? He got the boo-hoo-hoos BAD during his adoption pregnancy! Also known as Crybaby Beau McD syndrome, of course. :)