Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Manic Monday

Yesterday was really one of those Mondays that's so very . . . Monday!

Aaron has been having terrible back pain. A while ago he had some tight muscles and muscle spasms, but this round is more in his side and chest as well as back, like the way his ribs hurt after his heart surgery. So Friday he got an x-ray and Monday the doctor was supposed to look at it.

In the afternoon I was trying to get my mishmash of a Young Life talk straightened out so I would only make a fool of myself during the humorous parts of the evening, not while trying to be deep and wise. No small task. In the middle of naptime Aaron came home to quickly drop off all the stuff for Club because the doctor was trying to work him in and he didn't know how long it would take. The doctor decided to make him go get a CT scan--which is fine since the x-ray was useless and better safe than sorry, but this was at 5:00. So he headed to the hospital, I rushed to try to get Anna fed and ready to drop off with the sitter, remember all the Club stuff, pick up Aaron's pain prescription, figure out if I had to pick up any kids, and try to get to the Clubhouse before the student leaders got there (I failed but another leader was there).

We had to alter Club plans a bit since Aaron couldn't go doing any crazy dance moves again(!) and we were just hoping he'd make it in time. He did, and Club went well considering how frazzled at least I felt. Perhaps we are funnier when we mess up than when we rehearse!

All that to say, I'm glad my talk is done with and I can get back to battling dishes, dog hair, and editing deadlines--all of which seem to lurk around every corner around here.

No actual diagnosis from the doctor yet--message was nothing serious, we'll call back. I will update if there's anything to tell.

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