Tuesday, November 18, 2008

X Marks the Part

Here are a couple hairstyles I've tried for Anna semi-recently.

First, just to change up the parts so she doesn't get perma-part, I tried an X marks the spot do:

Also, the cutest overalls ever.

A week or so ago I tried a veil style for the first time. For a first attempt I thought it looked decent and it stayed pretty well. It would be cute with colored rubber bands, I think, but mine were cheapies that kept breaking, so I used black and put the little clippies in.

I think I may need to try some new products because her hair and scalp seem a bit dry lately. I've been putting it off because I'll have to buy online. I also want to attempt some cornrows and twists. But my first attempts may not be blog-worthy--except to provide humor.


paige said...

super duper wooper cute. The hair and the girl. I think I may try the "X" next--I never put in anything low (because certain people have a habit of ripping out the low bands--that's all I'm saying) but she's getting better about keeping things in, in general, so some food (or do-s) for thought!

Enor said...

I think you do a fantastic job with her hair. All the time.

It always looks good. Even your "experiments" look great. I hope you don't think I'm saying that just because I don't want to do it.

I think you're very good at it.

habeshachild said...

Wow - impressive!

so are you using rubber bands and then clips on top for decoration?

which rubber bands do you use? i have been told not to use the rubber ones because they'll break her hair. but the covered ones are too big...

I have SUCH hair issues.

Anonymous said...

OH SO CUTE!! We are all so blessed & thanksful! :)

WMW said...

HC: Yes, I used rubber bands and the clips didn't do much except cover up the messy meeting of the ponies. I use rubber bands from Sally's Beauty Supply which really do seem much better than other ones I had tried. They are much more stretchy. I usually cut them out so I'm not pulling on the hair. They're like $3 for 500 so I figure I can splurge. :)

paige said...

We use Sally's rubberbands too, and then cut them out, although I need to remember to use the fabric covered elastics if I do two ponytails again--they need to be redone everyday and the elastic removal is time consuming!