Saturday, November 01, 2008

Saturday Bullet-in

Bullet point post!
  • I am still sickish. This cough is just hanging around. Annoying to self and others.
  • I got really behind on my work (what else is new?) and will need every hour I can squeeze out of this weekend. Thank goodness for Deadline Savings Time!
  • We had something going on every night this week. Again. (Result: see above.)
  • What I'd really like to do today is sit on the couch with roasted pumpkin seeds and watch about five hours of the TV shows we haven't had time to watch. (See above and above and above.)
  • Homecoming festivities were grand. Anna wore her pumpkin vest and hat getup last night. Because she doesn't get enough comments about her cuteness already--riiiiiiight. She was terribly wiggly and tired by halftime, though, so we bailed out early.
  • I have a billion pictures to go through so I can post some and yes, send to relatives. Hopefully soon.


The Six of Us said...

We're sick here too. Its the dumps. Hope you feel better soon! Anna is getting so big by the way!

Anonymous said...

Are you sick or could it be the change in weather, or allergies? Has been a strange year for such things. Hope you feel better soon. Can't wait for pictures!