Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I intended to blog today but my brain is as cluttered and stuffed as my fridge full of leftovers. And both are probably on the verge of rotting as well. So let me stick to the important issue of the day: we have way too much meat hanging around here!

I need an easy recipe for soup or something to make with a ham bone (and ham). Split pea probably not preferred, since it looks too much like a healthy vegetable to fool Aaron. I could do another kind of bean soup, though, right? Or a ham/corn soup/chowder kind of thing? Anybody?

I'll probably make another turkey casserole and freeze it. For turkey noodle soup, I will just wing it. (No pun intended. But I am amused.) Any other ideas?


Carrie said...

How about a nice ham and potato soup. I like mine with lots of sharp cheddar cheese... but then that's how I like most things.

Heather said...

You could do Navy Bean Soup--unless that looks too healthy? Hoppin' John is really good, too.

Shoot, now I'm hungry. :)

RMMcDowell said...

I always throw in several different beans with leftover ham. Just cook the beans according to the directions on the package, and throw in the ham. You can freeze it up, too (I could do it on my porch, so I'm jealous that you'd need room in your freezer!), in portions.

Anila said...

Kidneybeans and ham(bone) go together very well.
In my native country(Surinam) that is a real party dish.
Ingr: 500 gr of kideny or brown beans as we call them
2 chopped onions
4 chopped tomatoes
3 chopped cloves of garlic
5 table spoons of chopped flatleaf parsley
1 hot chilipeper
any kind of meat leftovers
50 gr of sugar
10cc of ketjap manis (soy sauce)
Some oil
2 bid cubes of stock.

Take a deep frying pan and fry all the meatlefovers with the onions, garlic and tomatoes.
Add the beans (tinned with the sauce) otherwise with the water you boiled them in to soften them.
Let the whole summer for about half an hour and add the rest of the ingr...the parsley, 5 min before serving.
Delicious with warm white rice!

You can easily put some in the deepfreeze for another day.