Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Whatever Day This Is Update

We are in Michigan and I'm not really sure what day it is. But in a good way--isn't that how vacation should be? What's been going on:
  • Spending Christmas Eve and Christmas at home was wonderful. We had a nice relaxing, fun day with Anna, packed while she napped, and had a lovely dinner with friends.
  • Friday's drive to Portland: uneventful. Flight to Chicago: tolerable, despite non-sleeping child. Flight to Grand Rapids: CANCELLED due to smothering fog. Curse you O'Hare! We spent the night in a hotel and my parents came and drove us to GR.
  • Weather: confused. It was over 55 degrees on Saturday when we got in, then promptly got cold again the next day. We need, and should get tonight, some fresh snow to pretty the place up again.
  • Football: let's move on.
  • Christmas: bountiful. Sunday we had Aaron's immediate family Christmas at his parents' house and the extended family was over later on. So we did get to see most everyone, the three girl cousins got to play, and Anna was quite charming throughout despite her lack of nap, with the exception of a couple toy disputes early on. (Apparently the hot item all the kidlets covet this year is a kids' toy laptop. And Anna is that bully who starts a fight in the mall to get her hands on the last one. And whatever else you have in your cart. We need to practice sharing...)
  • Sunday afternoon my brother, sister-in-law, and 9-month-old nephew arrived, so the farmhouse is family-filled and festive. How we spent our lovely day yesterday: cook, eat, open gifts, play Wii (repeat). Anna is really into the opening this year--loves ripping that paper! She will even help you with yours. Even if you don't want her to. Fortunately, she also likes delivering, so she can be distracted by the task of taking a gift to someone else.
  • Today I hung out with a friend and I think we are all going out to dinner, but in between we are doing nothing, nothing, gloriously nothing in particular! Very nice and I hope to do some more of it this week.
Merry Christmas and here's to a happy new year!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a truly lovely holiday trip (well except for the canceled flight bit!)

wishing you a happy and peaceful New Year!

The Apicella Family said...

You were in Chicago and didn't call us!!! Shame Shame!! I'm only 30 min from Ohare. Next time remember me!

pmfh said...

Yay, Merry Christmas!

Many more, like this, only more relaxing! Huzzah!