Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh the Weather Outside Is . . . Sunny?

Today is the second consecutive day that school was called off on account of . . . frost? It's sunny and snowless here! But it is COLD and probably was a bit icy in the morning even so close to the coast. The real problem is that if you simply drive a few miles east into the hills or sometimes even just uphill, it can be a lot icier, so I know it was bad other places. It's all about the elevation, baby. But it is a bit strange and amusing to us former midwesterners that what appears to be almost nothing is treated as a small disaster.

Then again, I've lost my snow-preparedness touch: tried to drive to the store this morning and did not have an ice scraper. Note to self: put "buy ice scraper" on the Michigan to-do list. A small plastic beach sand shovel does not really work.

The view from my office deck. Because yes, my office has a deck.
But clearly no snow.

The bummer is that our fun Christmas Young Life Club was cancelled, but the no-snow snowday still made me feel Christmasy, and since last week I have accomplished a lot on the holiday to-do list. One trip out for a few things tomorrow and I should have everything, but there's still all the packing and travel to-dos, of course. This year we are not leaving for Michigan until the 26th, so at least we get to celebrate Christmas together at home and on Christmas rather than saying, "So when do you want to do presents?" and cramming it in at some odd time days before.

A few days ago some friends brought us a couple presents: a pelican pull toy that says "Squaawk!" and "Wheee!" and the train they used to put around their tree when their grandkids were little. The pelican is cute and fun but the train is the more special gift. Neither of us ever had a train before but I think it'll be a nice tradition. It even has a light and whistle.

Look at that face! Do you think she likes it?

Do you think he does?

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