Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Pre-Sale Blues

Where have I been all your life? Well, much of the last few days I've been painting a wall. Yep, just a wall. We have this crazy open floor plan and barrel-vaulted (now doesn't that sound fancy?) ceiling, and that big main wall was rather dinged up and dirty. But because much of the house is connected, with the walls and ceiling sloping way up to the loft, to paint the whole room would require scaffolding, patience, and bravery which we do not possess. Thus I decided, after perhaps one too many decorating shows, that just one wall could be painted. It's now an accent wall (now doesn't that sound stylish?).

View from the loft, before/getting ready to paint:


Yes, I hate those black ceiling fans with a burning passion. See scaffolding problem.

This was the only other "big thing" I really wanted to get done before getting our house on the market; the rest is basically cleaning, organizing, touching up paint. But there is quite a bit of that stuff to do and unfortunately my recent flurry of motivated activity was short-lived. I've got to get back to making my mornings productive. But today the phone guys were here (rewiring so our phone and DSL work right when it rains--kind of handy in Oregon) and I spent way too long doing hair, and tomorrow I have an appointment. Not sure when we'll get a real estate agent out here but hopefully soon. Then I will have no choice but to get to work before buyers start coming.

Or I'll be really depressed if they never do. Ack! Let's not think of it.

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Anonymous said...

WoW!! Looks great!! It's ready for sale, trade or auction!! :)